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Health and Safety

imgHealth and Safety

The health and safety of our students and staff are our top priorities. We are committed to creating a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for our school community. This page provides detailed information about our health services, safety protocols, and policies designed to safeguard our students.

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Health Services

Shani School is equipped with a well-staffed health office. Our staff are well trained first aiders. We offer basic first-aid services, manage routine health checks, and respond to medical emergencies. Regular health and wellness workshops are also conducted to educate students about various health-related topics. In cases of emergencies, the learners are rushed to hospital.

Our comprehensive safety policies cover a range of areas including:

Campus Security

Ensuring a secure campus with controlled access points and continuous monitoring.

Emergency Preparedness

Regular drills and training sessions for handling emergencies like fires, lockdowns, and natural disasters.

Cyber Safety

Implementing measures to protect students from cyber threats and educating them about responsible digital citizenship.

Shani Health and Safety

Nutritional Wellbeing

We promote nutritional health by offering well-balanced meals and educating students on healthy eating habits. Simple special dietary needs are accommodated. Learners with higher special dietary needs carry food from home.

Shani Health and Safety

Mental Health and Emotional Support

Recognizing the importance of mental wellbeing, we provide counseling services and emotional support for our students. Our counselors are available to assist students with any personal, social, or academic concerns.

Shani Health and Safety

Safety Training for Staff

All staff members at Shani School are trained in basic first aid, fire, emergency response, and child protection policies. This training ensures that our team is prepared to respond effectively to any health or safety concerns.

Shani Health and Safety

Parental Involvement and Communication

We believe in open communication with parents regarding health and safety matters. Parents are encouraged to collaborate with us in ensuring their child’s wellbeing and are promptly informed about any health or safety issues that may arise.