At Shani School, we blend a passion for learning with a supportive community spirit. Our approach nurtures every student's potential, preparing them for a world of possibilities.

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Extracurricular Activities

imgExtracurricular Activities

At Shani School, we believe in the importance of a balanced education. Our extracurricular activities are designed to complement academic learning by fostering teamwork, creativity, and a spirit of healthy competition. Explore the range of clubs and sports that our students enjoy, guided by professional coaches and mentors.

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Dive into our swimming program! Led by certified coaches, our swimming sessions not only teach this vital life skill but also encourage physical fitness and discipline. Available for all age groups, our swimming program is tailored to suit different skill levels from beginners to advanced.


Harmonize your child’s talents in our music program. Whether it’s learning an instrument, singing, or understanding music theory, our music club nurtures a love for melodies and encourages artistic expression.


Our skating club is perfect for students who love an adrenaline rush. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, students learn balance, coordination, and confidence on wheels, all in a safe and fun environment.


Challenge the mind with our chess club. Chess is known for enhancing critical thinking and strategic planning skills. Our expert coaches cater to all levels, from beginners learning the basics to advanced players honing their strategies.

Games and Clubs

From team sports to specialized interest clubs, our range of games and clubs offers something for everyone. Students have the opportunity to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build friendships in a supportive and dynamic setting.

Benefits of Extracurricular

Participating in extracurricular activities provides numerous benefits, including improved social skills, better time management, enhanced self-esteem, and a more rounded educational experience. We encourage all students to get involved and discover their passions and talents.

Encouraging Participation

We warmly invite all students to join our extracurricular programs. For more details on how to get involved, schedules, and any associated costs, please feel free to Contact us.

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