At Shani School, we blend a passion for learning with a supportive community spirit. Our approach nurtures every student's potential, preparing them for a world of possibilities.

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imgShani Taji Campus

Welcome to Shani Taji, the first campus of Shani School, affectionately known as Shani ‘A’. Established in September 2002, this campus has grown from a modest beginning with just 5 students to now housing over 80 learners. Located on Musa Gitau Rd, Nairobi City, it is the administrative heart of all Shani Campuses.

Campus Facilities and Offerings

Shani Taji is equipped with suitable facilities for early learning years, including the administrator’s office, admissions office, managing director’s office, accounts department, a swimming pool, and the Shani School kitchen. This campus primarily serves Kindergarten learners, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for early childhood education.

Shani Taji Office

Management and Staff

The campus is managed by a dedicated head teacher, a deputy, a team of experienced teachers, assistant teachers and class assistants. Our staff are committed to providing a supportive and enriching educational experience for every child.

Shani Taji Family Network Society

Family Network Society (FNS) Collaboration

Shani Taji hosts the Family Network Society (FNS) office, facilitating seminars and courses for parents and activities for couples. The campus employs a Parents’ Coordinator and a Parents’ Courses Administrator to specifically cater to parent affairs and education.