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School Uniform

imgSchool Uniform


Uniformity and discipline are reflected in our school uniform policy at Shani School. We ensure that our students wear their uniforms with pride and dignity. This page outlines the details about our uniform requirements, purchasing procedures, and guidelines for wearing the uniform.

Uniform Purchase and Distribution

The Shani School uniform can only be purchased directly from the school to ensure consistency in appearance. For new students in Kindergarten, three sets of uniforms and one P.E. kit are issued. Primary students receive two sets of uniforms and one P.E. kit.

Uniform fittings and issuance occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm at Shani Taji School. Please note that uniforms are issued only after payment has been made.

Additional Items

Parents may opt to purchase additional items such as a fleece jacket or a tracksuit for colder seasons, available at the school for an extra cost. During cold weather, children are allowed to wear stockings under their school socks for warmth. Kindergarten children may wear grey and white stockings, while Primary students may wear black stockings only.

Uniform Guidelines

Our uniform should be worn correctly and tidily at all times, both at school and in transit between home and school. Shirts must be tucked in, socks pulled up, and shoes properly fastened. Temporary exceptions due to specific circumstances require a written request to the class teacher and head teacher.

Kindergarten Clothing Changes

For younger Kindergarten students, we recommend packing a change of clothes. If a child soils their uniform, teachers will provide a temporary change while the uniform is cleaned.

imgKindergarten Uniform
imgPrimary School Uniform

Shani School culture

Hair and Grooming Standards

All students are expected to maintain neat and clean hair. Girls may have their hair plaited without beads or colored bands, or kept tidy and tied if unbraided. Boys should have their hair cut short, not longer than a “number 2” razor cut, without any fancy styles or designs. Extreme hairstyles, including Mohawks, untidy afros, or any shaved styles/patterns, are not permitted. Hair color should be natural, with no dye or highlights allowed.

Shani School culture

Jewellery and Make-up Policy

Our students are not permitted to wear make-up or jewelry to school. Any such items will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term. Tattoos are also not allowed.