At Shani School, we blend a passion for learning with a supportive community spirit. Our approach nurtures every student's potential, preparing them for a world of possibilities.

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Our School Culture

imgOur Culture

At Shani School, our culture is deeply rooted in Roman Catholic principles and values. We believe in nurturing a community where these values are embraced by children, parents, teachers, and staff alike, creating an environment that fosters moral and spiritual growth alongside academic excellence.

Shani School culture

Roman Catholic Ethos and Education

Our commitment to the Roman Catholic ethos is integral to our educational approach. The school imparts the Roman Catholic Church doctrine through Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) and Program of Pastoral Instruction (PPI) classes. We view the spiritual development of our students as paramount to their overall growth.

Shani School culture

Parental Participation

Parental involvement is a cornerstone of Shani School’s culture. We encourage parents to actively participate in various school activities, including seminars, parenting courses, and briefings. Our annual parenting courses and seminars, mandatory for all parents, are crucial for achieving our mission of providing value-based education.

Shani School culture

Family Network International (FNI) Collaboration

In partnership with Family Network International (FNI), housed within Shani Taji School premises, we offer numerous activities to strengthen family life. These include monthly dinners for couples, annual outings, pilgrimages, charity activities, topical discussions, family picnics, and fun days. These events are aimed at enriching family bonds and aligning with our vision.

Shani School culture

Language Policy

At Shani School, English and Kiswahili are the primary languages of communication to maintain a consistent and inclusive environment. The use of vernacular languages within the school premises is not permitted, ensuring a uniform and focused educational setting.

Shani School culture

Shani School Diary

Communication between parents and the school is facilitated through the Shani School Diary. This diary is mandatory for all students and serves as the primary written communication channel. Parents are encouraged to keep their contact details in the diary up to date for effective communication.

Shani School culture

Security and Safety

The safety and security of our students, teachers, and staff are paramount. All our campuses are guarded round the clock by security guards, ensuring a secure environment for the entire school community.

Shani School culture

Team Spirit and Collaboration

The success of Shani School is also a result of the cordial relations and effective teamwork among our staff. Our collaborative spirit is evident in school sports days, plays, academic achievements, and day-to-day operations.