At Shani School, we blend a passion for learning with a supportive community spirit. Our approach nurtures every student's potential, preparing them for a world of possibilities.

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Celebrating Excellence

Our Journey of Success

imgSchool Accomplishments

At Shani School, we take pride in our tradition of excellence in both kindergarten and primary education. Our accomplishments reflect our commitment to providing a high-quality learning experience that nurtures confident, well-rounded, and academically proficient students.

Shani School students at a science fair award ceremony.

Academic Achievements

Over the years our Kindergarten has been the school of choice for parents who sought the best ECD experience for their young children. Our PP II learners excel with very high standards in Grade one interviews presented in our feeder schools especially Kianda School for girls and Strathmore School for boys.

Every year, slightly over 30% of our kindergarten graduards succesfully transition to grade one in Strathmore School and about 50% to Kianda School.

By this time, the babies who were potty trained in Shani can read up to level 9 of the ginn books and many more story books. In numberwork, they work back and forth with figures of 100 and even understand money. Over and above this academic prowess, they are confident, courteous and happy children.

Our Primary School has equally excelled in KCPE and KPSEA. In 2023, we took the 3rd position in Westlands Subcounty in KCPE and in the list of top 2 in Mathematics at 80.25%.

Again, we reproduced the Kindergarten pattern and some of our learners joined top schools such as Strathmore School, Pangani Girls, Mangu High School, Loreto Limuru Girls High School and Precious Blood.

Shani School students at a science fair award ceremony.

Shani School excels in the 2023 KCPE.

Shani School extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2023 for achieving outstanding results in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations. The school has earned the honour of being ranked third overall in the Westlands Subcounty, showcasing the exceptional standards of education it upholds.

2023 KCPE Highlights:
Overall Sub County Position: 3rd
Mean Score: 365.39
Mathematics: 2nd Position
Social Studies and Religious Education (SSRE): 2nd Position
English: 4th Position

These achievements are a reflection of the tenacious spirit and dedication of our students, complemented by the unwavering support and expertise of our faculty and staff. The school community also recognizes the invaluable role of parents and guardians in this shared journey of educational excellence.

Shani School students at a science fair award ceremony.

Shani School - Grade 6 KPSEA Results.

In 2023 KPSEA, our candidates excelled in English, CRE, Mathematics and Science with a mean score of 90%, 84%, 81% and 90% respectively. Analysed according to the blooms taxonomy, our learners achieved over 90% in Understanding, Creativity and Analysing. These high indices are a reflection of how well the Competency Based Curriculum is being implemented in Shani School.

shani school accomplishments

Extracurricular Successes

Beyond the Classroom: Shani School students thrive in various extracurricular arenas. Our sports teams have clinched titles in inter-school tournaments, particularly in athletics, swimming, and football. In the arts, our students have earned accolades in music, drama, and art competitions, showcasing their creativity and talent.

shani school accomplishments

Community and Leadership Initiatives

Making a Difference: Our commitment to community service and leadership is evident in our various initiatives. Students have led and participated in community clean-up drives, fundraising for local charities, and environmental conservation projects. These efforts have not only benefitted our community but have also instilled a sense of responsibility and leadership in our students.

shani school accomplishments

Teacher and Staff Recognition

Dedicated Educators: The achievements of Shani School are also a testament to our outstanding teachers and staff. Recognitions include 'Best Teacher' awards at educational forums, contributions to educational research, and leadership in teacher training programs.

shani school accomplishments

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Innovation in Education: Shani School is recognized for its innovative approach to teaching and learning. We have implemented cutting-edge educational technology, developed unique learning modules, and continuously update our curriculum to meet global standards, receiving accolades for these initiatives.