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Shani School was started as a Kindergarten school in September 2002 by a group of parents who wanted to start their own school to promote family values and the human and spiritual development of parents, teachers, children, and child minders. Shani was and continues to be inspired by the spirit of St Josemaria Escrivá, and promotes the acquiring and raising human standards in all spheres of life. Shani School begun as a one campus kindergarten in September 2002 and has since grown to have 3 campuses incorporating both the kindergarten and primary classes up to STD 8.


Kindergarten Academics

In Shani Kindergarten, children are placed according to their year of birth. Play group (Sunnies) 2 ½ - 3 years and Baby class (Apples) 3 - 4 years. In these levels, children are taught life skills like washing hands and tiding up after an activity, pre-writing activities in Language and Number work, outdoor activities, storytelling, songs and pre-reading. Pre-primary 1 (Bells) 4-5 years and Pre- primary 2 (Grapes) 5-6 years, children are taught according to the new education system, Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

Primary School Academics

The Primary section of Shani School was started in 2012. We offer both the 8 – 4 – 4 and the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). We have the Lower and Upper Primary at Shani Angaza which encompasses Grade 1- 6, where CBC is followed to the latter with competent and thoroughly trained CBC teachers, making Shani a center of excellence in CBC. Currently we have STD 7 and 8 in the 8-4-4 curriculum. We not only offer academics but also train them in co-curricular activities. The learners are engaged in swimming, Music, Skating, chess, games and clubs which are handled by professional coaches.


Life of A Shani Student

A thriving community of staff who love what they do and students from different walks of life

  • Meals

    Prepared by our very able kitchen team, our meals and snacks are made with care and a little bit of a homey touch. We offer break, lunch and afternoon tea for all learners.

  • Mentorship Program

    Mentoring is receiving guidance, encouragement and assistance from someone older and wiser for a greater course in life. Shani mentorship was started by the Shani School Management specifically the Shani School Counsellor

  • Arts and crafts

    A rich tradition of fostering creativity as we prop your child up to explore their talents

  • Games and sports

    As Shani, we believe that discipline is not only taught in the classroom.

Our Campuses

Find out more about our three homes.

  • Shani Taji

    This was the first Shani Kindergarten campus that was started in September 2002 and was popularly known as Shani ‘A’. It is located on Musa Gitau Rd, Nairobi City. It begun with only 5 students and now has more than 80 students at the campus. It is the administrative base of all Shani Campuses and is the location of the administrator’s office, the admissions office, the managing director’s office, the accounts department, Shani swimming pool and the Shani School kitchen. The school currently houses Kindergarten learners. The school is managed by the head teacher, her deputy and team of dedicated teachers. Shani Taji School hosts within their premises the Family Network Society (FNS) office. This is the organization through which Shani School carries out seminars for parents and activities for couples. To coordinate this we have two permanent staff - a Parents’ Coordinator and a Parents’ Courses Administrator who look specifically after parent affairs and education.

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  • Shani Angaza

    Shani Angaza School was opened on the 4 th of September 2012. It is situated at the junction of Mzima Springs and Ole Nguruone Road directly opposite St. Austin’s Academy. The Primary section officially began in 2013 with both STD 1 and 2 classes reporting on 7th January 2013. Shani Angaza School is a mixed school for boys and girls. It has a kindergarten section and a primary section up to standard 8 with Grade 1 to 6 in CBC. We offer the CBC curriculum and the 8-4-4 system of education, and to this end we have engaged very highly qualified and experienced teachers. In October 2014, the construction of 5 new classrooms and 10 new sanitary facilities was completed. An additional 3 classrooms were built in 2021 to cater for social distancing due to the Pandemic. The main building in Shani Angaza houses a full Kindergarten with one class per kindergarten level. The Kindergarten section and Primary Section are each managed by a head teacher, deputy and a team of dedicated teachers, junior teachers and assistant teachers.

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  • Shani Nyota

    This new campus was envisioned to have a full kindergarten and also house the 2015 class of Standard 4 girls who began school on 6th January 2015. In January 2022 Shani Nyota was moved from Musa Gitau road to Amboseli road, off Gitanga road. The school currently houses a full Kindergarten. Shani Nyota is managed by the head teacher, her deputy and a team of dedicated kindergarten teachers, junior teachers and assistant teachers

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